About Tieguanyin(Anxi Tie Guan Yin)


Origin of Tie Guanyin:

This is probably the most famous of all Chinese Oolong teas. The name Tie Guan Yin means "Iron Goddess of Mercy" and the tea is as magnificent as its name implies. There are many legends surrounding the origin of its name and one of it tells the story of akind-hearted but poor farmer named Wei Yin. Despite working hard every day to make a living, Wei Yin would spend his free time tending an abandoned Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) temple he found near his place. One day, he fell asleep in the temple and dreamed about the Goddess telling him to look for a cave behind the temple. There, he found a single tea shoot where he took home and planted it in an iron pot. Slowly, it grew into a tea bush with exceptional quality tea leaves. Wei then gave cuttings to his neighbors and friends to grow. The County soon prospered due to the popularity of the tea. Tie Guan Yin can now be found in the menu of most Chinese restaurants throughout the world.

Quality and characteristics of Tie Guanyin:

Tie Guanyin has excellent quality,its leaves ale thick and solid,it weighs as iron with dark and moist color,it has obvious sand green color with bright-colored red points.Its fragrance is noble-minded.long-lasting,stromg  and fresh,it has a unique"lingering charm" with a sweet and fragrant aftertaste;even after 7 times infusion it still has fragrance…it can be called the king of oolong tea.

The healthcare function of Tie Guanyin:

Verified by the domestic and foreign scientists,the chemical composition and mineral elements in Tie Guanyin have special functions to people's health,the functions are roughly as follows:antiageing,resisting cancer,preventing artery sclerosis,preventing and curing diabetes,losing weight,preventing decayed tooth,disinfecting,preventing dyscentery,etc.

Tea set for infusing Tie Guanyin:

When infusing Tie Guanyin,the best tea set for you is the Zi Sha(purple sand pottery);the Zi Sha tea set made in Yixing is most suitable,it will never afect the flagrance of the tea,it can keep the color,flagrance and taste of the tea for a long time.China's first professional tea farmers cooperatives.Along with the unique flagrance of Tie Guanyin,if you take a sip,the flagrance will fill your nostrils.

Autumn fragrance and Spring water:

Tie Guanyin iS made with precision and exquisite techniques.Its sprouts come out in the last ten days of March,and will be picked in the first ten days of May;the tea can be picked in spring,summer,mid-summer and autumn.The autumn tea has the best quality,the spring tea has the highest output.The autumn tea has strong flagrance,so it is commonly called“autumn flagrance”;the spring tea gives you mellow feeling,so it is,commonly called“spring water”

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